The brand new Materials Science and Engineering eBook

Materials Science and Engineering An Introduction 9th Edition The brand new Materials Science and Engineering An Introduction, 9th Edition is a newly redesigned text released from Wiley Publisher. The text from Callister and Rethwisch has been created to help the student learn more easily and have a more successful engineering career after they have obtained their degree.

Materials Science and Engineering An Introduction has been formatted using text that is not only clearly written but concisely written, as well. This textbook was written with the student in mind with each page, allowing students to easily understand ceramics, metals, and polymeric materials, as well as the structural elements of materials and their unique relationship with their properties. This is one of the only textbooks that was created from a student aspect to provide a higher rate of success among engineering students.

This text is also equipped with a unique online version from WileyPLUS. This innovative tool provides students with the ability to access the complete text online, as well as other beneficial tools to help aide in their successful degree completion. Students have an incredible access to practice tests that are specifically designed to be used with the textbook. In addition to realistic practice tests, students can access tutorial questions. These challenging questions provide all students with step by step instructions to help comprehend the information. By providing students with various questions from the readings combined with immediate responses regarding the student’s answers, WileyPLUS has ensured that each and every Engineering student will get the most benefit from their text.

The Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction 9th Edition is essential to the success of any student perusing a degree in Engineering, and the revised 9th edition has been loaded with numerous new features to assist with that success. Features such as the tutorial videos. These specialized videos are able to explain from the perspective of a new student all of the difficult and hard to comprehend concepts that are found in the textbook. These videos have been designed to make even the most difficult Engineering topic clear and easy to understand.

The Virtual Materials Science and Engineering tool is incredibly unique and difficult to find anywhere but in participation with this textbook. The unique program allows students to clearly visualize and see molecules, as well as manipulate them. This is all done through 3D visualisation. No other program allows students to see and manipulate molecules in such a precise and detailed way.

The WileyPLUS also features a section of materials of importance. These topic summarises applications in Engineering that are considered to have the highest interests and relates them clearly to the textbook. These applications include topics such as “Nanocomposites in Tennis Balls,” “Shrink Wrap Polymer Films,” and “Shape Memory Alloys.” The 9th Edition supersedes any previous editions as it is the most current and up to date text available. The most current research and developments in the Engineering field are including in the text such as composites, advanced ceramic and polymeric materials, optical fibers in communications, and high energy hard magnetic materials.