A Trusted Resource and Source

A Trusted Resource and Source

psychology-etextAbnormal Psychology 13th Edition by Wiley has been viewed as a highly trusted resource for well over 40 years. It has been a great source of information for instructors and students. It provides exceptional coverage of current findings and research, treatment, along with the theories. This offers a complete reporting of every aspect of the theory and the research that is the core of teaching.

Superior Coverage and Information

Abnormal Psychology 13th Edition by Wiley offers objective and balanced coverage with the mix of the clinical application and the research. The information is superior and provides up-to-date data, theories, and applications. This edition uses a problem-solving method. It incorporates the entire investigation process that is used by practicing scientists and clinicians. This is how it is presented to students. This uses a Multiple Paradigm Approach. It clearly shows how psychopathy is easiest to understand. It does this through the use of several different views and perspectives. This is all incorporated for the suggested treatment options. This edition does provide superior overall coverage and information.

The Subjects that are Included

This edition has a total of 16 chapters in total. These include the following:

  • an introduction and a historical overview
  • current paradigms in psychopathy
  • diagnosis and assessment
  • research methods in psychopathy
  • mood disorders
  • anxiety disorders
  • obsessive-compulsive related and trauma-related disorders
  • personality and personality disorders
  • late life and neurocognitive disorders
  • disorders of childhood
  • sexual disorders
  • schizophrenia
  • dissociative disorders and somatic symptom disorder
  • schizophrenia
  • anxiety disorders
  • legal and ethical issues

Wiley Publisher

Abnormal Psychology 13th Edition is by Wiley Publisher. Wiley is also known as John Wiley & Sons Inc. This is a global publishing company. Their products are intended for consumers, professionals, students and instructors. This publisher specializes in academic publishing. Their products are intended for the use of higher education and research in the areas of scientific, medical, and scholarly areas and fields. This was founded in 1807.

The Features

Abnormal Psychology 13th Edition has several unique features. These include the following:
*”new check your knowledge” questions. These have been added and modified in most of the chapters. This allows for a quick check that will allow the reader to see if they are learning
*there have been “clinical case boxes” added and “new focus on discovery boxes” for the purpose of illustrating how these various disorders appear in the context of the lives of real people. It is also intended to showcase the exceptional and cutting edge research on the particular subjects and topics.
*The accepted and the most exciting treatments, research, and theories have been highlighted and added.

Wiley Affordability Program Mission Statement

Wiley has a firm commitment to higher education. They have a dedication to offer and provide quality resources for learning. They ensure that their prices will fit into every budget. Wiley strives to assist every student in their learning. Their goal is to also assist every teacher.