Teaching and learning

Teaching-and-learningTeaching and learning are two interrelated activities that have grown in practice over the last three centuries. Education sets the mind free as they say; a student acquires necessary knowledge and skills to get through everyday life. Teachers are the professionals who impart knowledge on pupils. As a potter and his clay, teachers must perfect their craft to make good ‘pottery’ while the student must be like clay ready for molding. Modern day education has become more responsive to student capacity, understanding, and individual needs.

The Wileyplus learning space is the undisputed future of education. Wileyplus is a digital learning platform that acts as the synergy between learning and teaching. It adds value and efficiency to learning tools and facilitates the achievement of learning objectives. Wileyplus learning space diagnoses student problems facilitates their learning engagement, while measuring real-time outcomes to increase the student’s chances of success.

Wileyplus makes use of visual aids such as videos, flow diagrams, illustrations and animations to relay concepts. This feature mirrors research findings that learning accompanied by visual aids and discussions improve retention capacities of students. The Wileyplus learning space guarantees the unrivaled quality content, personalized and customized learning, as well as collaboration. The benefits of this platform accrue to both students and teachers.

The benefits to students include interaction and engagement. The digital platform is also a one-stop study library. It contains highlighting, bookmarking, discussion and note-taking features. The application is designed to track and evaluate the learning progress of students as a standardization measure since students possess different participation, understanding and confidence levels. Standardization happens at the individual and group level. Wileyplus enables the learner to budget for studies by mapping out problem topics in which coherence is weak. Studying, therefore, retains its objectivity.

The Wileyplus learning space compliments teachers’ knowledge from other sources. The media functions within the application to help the teacher to remodel and break down his content for the students’ benefit. This blended approach breeds productivity of the teacher and self-reliance among pupils. The instructor can identify slowly understood and performed topics that need further attention. Poor performing students are accorded more attention by tutors while the fast learners are encouraged to continue studying independently.

This application utilizes collaborative research techniques that support the tutoring process. According to research, such techniques improve retention capacities and results among the students. The tutoring burden lights since students assist each other in learning. Other features in the application include discussion and course stream tabs, pages for discussions, questions and sharing of reading materials. This social media-like communication approach to study matches perfectly with today’s learner and extends online beyond regular schooling hours. Parents will be happy to know that Wileyplus teaches their young adults to share knowledge and resources with their peers.

Stakeholders in the education sector have always called for the customization of learning styles into one efficient and understandable way of presenting specific topics. In the Wileyplus learning space, the student can save notes for future review and effect studying mannerisms that mirror their personality. The tutor maintains relevance by using updated methods that uphold quality and eliminate irrelevant content.