Australian Secondary School Publishing Company

jacarandaJacaranda is the premiere publishing company for educational texts, copy, scholastic reference and interactive electronic materials. The targeted market are students in the Australian secondary school system.

The publishing house’s philosophy is that “access to education will bring a life altering event to students and those that seek knowledge and in encouraging this thirst add to the support of a vibrant and prosperity based society”.

The publishing house seeks to work with educators and other scholastic experts in a design to enhance educational results through the means of addressing learning and educational problems in instruction. The publishing company is not afraid to push the boundaries of scholastic instructional mechanics.


The company is located in Australian and while founded in 1954, it is a subsidiary of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. of New York. Jacaranda publisher leads the market in producing high quality scholastic materials for Australian students in the secondary school system. The educational teaching materials and study aides produced by the company are designed to stimulate learning in students by the means of vibrant visual and interactive presentations. The creative exercises are designed to expand students capacity to learn and to understand greater amounts of academic materials.

Online Learning

Jacaranda publishing company also is central in course curriculum creation by creating print and electronic media titles as well as the design of website and and other online development support bases for instructors and students. The publishing company is now the primary reference source for educational materials. An example is Jacaranda title based Atlas and “Macquarie” Dictionary. It is hoped that teaching aides, such as these, will help advance the “thirst for knowledge” for Australian students in the secondary school system.

The creation of teaching aides with online and website support also helps the educators keep up in an ever technology based world. The publishing company also recognizes that with all of the various multi media access available to the Australian students, course curriculum material, study aides, scholastic resources as well as teaching aides, must be innovative in design to catch the students imagination.

Jacaranda also recognizes that the average student today can process greater amounts of information faster in addition to having access to research resources that were not available to previous generations. In today’s multi media world available to the average student, capturing their imagination, while important, is not as important as being able to capture their attention.

Jacaranda maintains a detailed list of many of its traditional, as well as innovative online scholastic resources on their website. This enables the teacher, the parent as well as the student, the means to access the appropriate resource for their particular course of study. The website is constantly updated regarding special promotions and new scholastic study packages.

While the publishing house is located in Australia, it is still recognized as a leader in the creation of academic materials and resources for the instructor that seeks to elevate the educational awareness of their students.