Beauty and the constant search

russian-volume-eyelash-extensionsBeauty and the constant search to improve one’s beauty has been part of most cultures. There are different aspects of a person that could be considered beautiful, but one of the most common is the eyes. It is very important for a person attempting to highlight his or her eyes to focus on the eyelashes. Thick and full Russian volume eyelash extensions tend to put a stronger emphasis on the natural beauty of the eyes. You might be familiar with eyelash extensions, but you might be surprised to know the rich history of beautiful eye lashes.

A Revealing Look at Eyelash Beauty and Extensions

It may seem strange, but women have been tinkering with their eyelashes for centuries. For example, there is evidence that Ancient Egypt took eyelash care very seriously. There is no evidence that they attempted to attach artificial eyelashes, but they did use a form of mascara.

Egyptian men, even boys, used to smear their eyelashes with a galena-based ointment. This gave the eyes an almond-like effect, which might have been quite flattering. But vanity was not the only reason that Egyptians used this ointment. Apparently the ingredients were also antibacterial and repelled bugs.

Women, on the other hand, used a malachite-based smear along with some of the usual ingredients, like animal fats, amorphous carbon, cuprite, silicon, hematite, and talc. The color that this mixture produced was a somewhat green or emerald effect. Women believed that applying this smear was an aphrodisiac. The color was one that definitely caught a person’s attention while still providing the same benefits as the smear used by men.

In 1879, James D. McCabe wrote that women can cut the ends of their Russian volume eyelash extensions to make them grow just a little fuller. And, in 1901, there was a little beauty secret that was going around that said that soaking your eyelashes in walnut leaf water before going to sleep might help promote growth and thickness.

But women wanted a quicker effect or one that would create a look that goes beyond their own natural look. This need is what gave way to the creation of eyelash extensions, which actually had a very painful beginning. The women in Paris, in the year 1882, went through a procedure that removed some of their own hair and had it sewn into their eyelashes.

The use of less invasive methods came after 1902 when artificial eyelash extensions were first introduced. You should know that these eyelash extensions were usually made of mink or silk rather than synthetic materials like most artificial eyelashes today.

Another interesting fact about Russian volume eyelash extensions is that the first type of mascara introduced–similar to the kind used now–was a mixture of petroleum jelly and coal. This was introduced to the public back in 1913.

How Are Eyelashes Attached and Why Are Skilled Professionals Needed?

Putting on artificial Russian volume eyelash extensions is not something that anyone can simply learn without proper instruction. The reason that it requires expertise is because most people use surgical grade adhesive to attach an eyelash extension.

Most people, especially if one is not familiar with eyelashes, make the mistake of assuming that most Russian volume eyelash extensions are attached directly to the eyelid. This is actually not the case. Sure, there are cases where an extension must be attached to the eyelid, like if you do not have natural eyelashes any longer for whatever reason.

But, if you do have Russian volume eyelash extensions, your eyelash technician’s job is to attach each eyelash extension to a natural eyelash. An average person has about 30 to 80 eyelashes, which is just one of the reasons a technician can take a few hours to get the job done.

It comes to no surprise that eyelash services could range from 100 dollars to 400 dollars. Keep in mind that this number does not take into account the kind of Russian volume eyelash extensions that you are going to use or the establishment that you are choosing. All of these factors can have a significant impact on the overall price of the procedure. An eyelash extension can last about 3 to 4 weeks, which is the amount time it takes for a natural eyelash to fall so that another may grow.

You should be aware that there are other choices, like attaching eyelashes that come in clusters or that are applied as strips. These are usually synthetic, and they do not look as natural as eyelashes that are applied one at a time. Applying lashes one at a time may be tedious, expensive, and time-consuming, but it is necessary if you want that natural look.

Eyelashes and the important part they play in highlighting the beauty of your eyes have a rich history. The evolution of skills and just how effective eyelash extensions are now is astounding. Think about all of that whenever you flutter those beautiful eyelashes.